Together, we will Illumin8 Your Life

What do I mean when I say: Illumin8 Your Life  

"Illuminate" is a word to describe being enlightened, spiritually or intellectually, light up.

"8" is a number that resonates with the influences and vibrations of authority and personal power.  

Illumin8'ing Your Life is about becoming the most authentic version of yourself with a focus on mindset & healthy aging. 

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This is your journey;  creating a vision and making a plan will help you get to your destination. I will assist you to have a better understanding of what you desire, why you do what you do, what your energy blocks may be, guide you and facilitate the process of achieving your goals, collaborate with you and provide the tools & support you require. 

Illumin8 Your Life

Take the first step to living Illumin8'ed. 

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the energy of Happiness


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Brigitte was a contributing author of an “Amazon #1 Best Seller”, The Energy of Happiness, in 2015.  I share with readers, the woman behind the veil, how I chose to live a life of peace, trusting my intuition, seeing the perfection in every situation I was in, my mindset shift, learning self-confidence and self-respect and creating a life learning that the beauty is in the journey.

Tools to Illumin8 Your Life


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Mellissa J., New Jersey

I have the privilege to work with this dynamo of an entrepreneur daily. Taking the opportunity to build a business and team with Brigitte has unequivocally changed my life. Brigitte is a leader who will do whatever it takes to see you succeed. Since working with Brigitte, I have been able to retire from my full time career, to build my evolved economy business, and to create time and financial freedom for life. I highly recommend locking arms with Brigitte Bartley! 

Michelle B., Columbia, SC

Brigitte is an amazing leader and trainer. She is a very knowledgable entrepreneur, and she freely shares her knowledge with everyone, setting them up for success. She inspires me each day, and I have really enjoyed working with her. I highly recommend working with Brigitte. 

Joe B., Bluffton, SC

Brigitte is an amazingly dynamic person. Her passion for life and ability to transform lives is like no other. She is an exceptional business woman and entrepreneur who is passionate to share her knowledge with others. 

Jeffery Combs, Stockton, CA

Brigitte is one of the most exceptional women and entrepreneurs I have coached in my 18 year coaching career. Brigitte is a skilled leader, speaker, writer and success coach I highly endorse. Brigitte is a first class human being who I am honored to call my friend. 

Allison S., St Augustine, FL

I am a firm believer that 'when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.' This is exactly how I feel about the way Brigitte showed up in my life as a mentor and friend. She has a unique ability to be able to deliver the exact message that is required in a very direct but also sincere manner. I have worked with Brigitte one on one, heard her train online, as well as attended a workshop in which she was a keynote speaker, and I'm always impressed and inspired by her. She is an outstanding example of a strong and successful woman, mother and friend.