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About Brigitte

Brigitte is a Certified Life Coach, mother of three boys who loves reading, nutrition, fitness, style, writing and travel. Due to health challenges of her son, she was awakened to nutrition, organic foods, organic living & skincare. 
Turning her passion into a profession, Brigitte is passionate about assisting other men & women create choices for themselves and their families and assisting them to create a life of financial and time freedom with balanced time for family and personal pursuits.  

It was time for Brigitte to pursue her career further.  With her passion in the health and fitness industry, having an online business was a perfect fit as she was able to manage her own schedule and maintain being a full time mom to her 3 boys.  In this age of social media and networking, Direct Sales and Online Marketing was great as it required minimum startup and overhead.  With a foundation in her nutrition program, Brigitte focuses on mindset, nutrition and lifestyle within her team.  Her desire is to encourage every person to strive for their full potential. She desires to awaken each soul their dreams, purpose and ambitions.  Brigitte continues to support and build a successful team across the United States and Globally.    

5 tips to illumin8 your life


More Heart Than Talent Mindset Call

Jeffery Combs has been my Success and Mindset Coach since 2013. 

If you are struggling and frustrated trying to build your business, especially Mompreneur, this is great for you!

Interview with Jeffery Combs

The Four Year Career Hero Series

With a focus on mindset and a commitment to daily, consistent action, Brigitte built a successful Network Marketing business … with no previous sales experience.  Her interview with Richard Bliss Brooke, sharing business skills to build her enterprise, is inspiration as you start a new chapter on your story. The Four Year Career® is one of the most utilized and respected works in the Network Marketing Direct Sales Profession.
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MLM Nation

Listen to Brigitte's interview and story with Simon Chan of MLM Nation, one of the top business podcast overall on iTunes and is the #1 network marketing podcast. Brigitte shares her drive and motivation as she had a desire to own her own business.  The thought of going to a “job” just didn’t resonate with her because she desired to create her own schedule, be her own boss and most of all, continue being a full-time mother to her 3 boys.
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Isagenix Internanal

You Have the Skills to Grow a Successful Business.  Brigitte shares a her story of mindset and her business skills to thrive with Isagenix.

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Mindset is Everything

Your life is a reflection of your thoughts that become beliefs and actions. Through personal development, prayer and meditation, you will discover and release the blocks that hold you back from living an exceptional life. It all starts with a decision to be a better YOU! 

Live Your Dreams

Brigitte is passionate about assisting others to achieve their greatest health and especially helping women create the life of financial and time freedom with balanced time for family and personal pursuits. 

Do More Of What You Love

Create a life filled with purpose and passion. You are the dreamer of your dream. What you focus on, you create. Your presence is your power. It's up to you how you create your reality so live a life you don't need a vacation from.  

5 tips to illumin8 your life